Cheating Statistics Reveal: How Many Marriages Survive an Affair?

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Cheating Statistics – How Many Marriages Survive an Affair?

No marriage is perfect, but you might have thought that infidelity is a deal breaker for most couples. A recent survey about cheating statistics reveals a surprising number of relationships NOT resulting in divorce after infidelity.

Contrary to common belief, not every marriage shattered by infidelity ends with a breakup or divorce. A new survey about infidelity statistics has found that only 19 percent of people who were cheated on ended the relationship right away. 22 percent eventually broke up because they couldn’t get over the betrayal.

I found these interesting statistics while researching the net (obsessively as usual) for infidelity facts and cheating statistics.

The problem with the statistics on cheating is that these are just numbers. They don’t tell the complicated story of each relationship and its struggles over time. The numbers don’t know if your partner cheated only once or many times, if he truly regrets cheating or feels no remorse at all, if you have children you want to protect from divorce and if both of you still love each other deeply.

Surprisingly, this means that 78 percent of marriages in the USA manage to survive an affair and save their relationships. If you look specifically at physical affairs – The survival percent drops drastically – Just over half of the divorces were initiated because of sexual infidelity.

 How Can You Tell if Your Relationship Can Survive Cheating?

“There are a few signs that an affair victim can look for when deciding whether or not regain trust in their spouse and begin the healing process after an affair:

  1. The spouse cuts all connection with the other woman/man.
  2. The spouse reveals all the details of the affair
  3. The spouse shows deep remorse and regrets his or her actions often.

There are more important signs – You can see all of them Here. In my experience, if you find these signs in your relationship, there is a very good chance of it surviving infidelity. Of course, it will take hard work on both sides.

My advice is not to try salvaging your marriage alone. It’s critical to have the right kind of help and to go through the right steps if you want to restore the honesty and heal the scars that the affair has left on your relationship.

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One thought on “Cheating Statistics Reveal: How Many Marriages Survive an Affair?

  1. Modayear

    Surviving and thriving are two – completely different – things. My marriage survived infidelity. It was never the same. I stayed. I kept my family together for as long as I could… until I just could not take it any longer. I believe that once I forgave my husband and agreed to work it out, he felt victorious. Agreed, this is just one example, but I do not think it is all that unique. Eventually, the marriage fell apart. It was devastating. 20 years later, it still is at times. All I ever wanted was a family that would stay intact. One that would raise children and grandchildren together in one house and not have to split holidays and vacations and all those other issues. Infidelity cannot be tolerated. Not even once. If more people would live by this creed, I swear, I think there would eventually be less infidelity. Give these cheaters the scare of losing. Stop accepting the unacceptable.


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