Cheating Statistics – The Most Interesting Facts and Infidelity Statistics in The USA

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With the divorce rate in the United States getting higher every year, so is the cheating and infidelity in relationships. Given the secretive nature of infidelity, exact figures about cheating statistics and extra-marital affairs are very hard to establish. Still, through my obsessive research on the subject I have managed to find the well-supported facts about cheating. These are the most interesting ones in my opinion:

cheating statistics

"Men are much more likely than women to be serial cheaters"

-          Men are more likely than women to become a cheating spouse. It is estimated that close to 50% of all men will cheat at some point in their lives.

-          Men who make more money are more likely to cheat than others. This is because wealth attracts women and the man is presented with more opportunity.

-          Women are more likely to leave their spouse if they had an affair with someone else. Men are less likely to initiate a breakup after having an affair.

-          17% of all divorces are caused by infidelity (I thought this number will be much higher…)

-          Men are much more likely than women to be serial cheaters (but it takes a certain type of person to become a serial cheater – you can find out about this type in post about the Cheating Types)

-          One of the studies found that 66% of women did not find out about their spouse’s affair until they confessed to them!

-           Research consistently shows that 2 to 3% of all children are the product of infidelity (this means Millions of children!).  Most of these children are unknowingly raised by men who are not their biological fathers.

-          Women cheating statistics are becoming higher every year. Experts claim that this happens because more and more women are working full jobs. Another interesting statistic is that cheating is becoming more common among people under 30 and people over 60.

-          Men are more likely to engage in online cheating and online services to arrange sexual encounters (including prostitution).

-          Men are more likely to have one night stands, while women are more likely to have emotional affairs (not a big surprise here).

-          Last but not least: Husbands are more likely to feel that the lack of sex in their relationship justifies their cheating!

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