Infidelity Statistics – Are Powerful Men More Likely to Cheat?

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Infidelity Statistics – Are You a Part of Them?

Infidelity Statistics – Are Powerful Men More Likely to Cheat?

A recent study about infidelity statistics has finally proved: Money simply Can Not Buy Happiness. Well, at least – marital happiness.

This study found that among men making more than 300,000$ a year, a whopping 32% report cheating on their spouse. This is compared to only 21% of men earning less than 35,ooo$ a year.

It’s not the physical money that makes them cheat; it’s the power that goes along with it. I can assume that we will find the same percentages of cheating among men who don’t make all that much money, but hold a powerful position at their workplace.

You may be surprised to learn that according to a study conducted by Psychological Science, powerful men do NOT cheat more because they are risk takers in nature, or because they go on many business trips.

If you do a research among psychology sites, you can learn that the link between power and infidelity has to do with several factors:

1. Power leads to more opportunity for men. Sadly, more opportunity means more cheating. Powerful men are simply approached more and more aggressively by women, who are attracted to men in powerful positions. Again, sadly, men have hard time resisting sexual offers from other women.

2. In an interview with NPR’s science correspondent Shankar Vedantam,1he stated that men (or women), holding power, “tend to touch their subordinates more, they maintained more direct eye contact, they behaved in an overall more flirtatious manner.”

3. in that same interview, He stated that when a person feels powerful, his or her brains react in interesting ways. The part of the brain that has to do with positive feelings and self rewards is more dominant than the part that steers us away from bad decisions.

Are You a Part of the Infidelity Statistics?

It doesn’t matter if your partner is powerful or not, it’s devastating to be an affair victim in your relationship. The minute you discover about the betrayal, you fall into a vicious cycle of shock, anger, low self esteem and obsessive and negative thoughts. Most of us just don’t know what to do: stay, leave, get back at him or try marriage counseling.

Even if it’s hard for you to believe right now, many relationships CAN Survive an Affair. How would your life change if you knew:

-         Exactly what to say and do after finding out

-         How to erase the affair images

-         How to talk about the details

-         How to regain the trust to your relationship

-         How to decide if you should stay or go

This is where to find the answers for these questions, now it’s up to you; Do something now or wait until it’s too late?

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