Statistics on Cheating – How Many Relationships Survive an Affair?

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Statistics on Cheating – How Many Relationships Survive an Affair?

A recent survey conducted in the USA found some interesting statistics on cheating and divorce rates. No doubt infidelity is a serious problem that often leads to divorce or damaged relationships, but the numbers are a little surprising to me: only  19 percent of people who were cheated on ended the relationship right away. 22 percent eventually broke up because they couldn’t get over the betrayal.

statistics on cheating

"Only 19% of couples immediately break up after infidelity"

That also means that a whopping 78 percent of these couples actually never broke up because of an affair!

The numbers are a little different if you look at Sexual Infidelity specifically. The survey found that just over half of the divorces were initiated because of sexual infidelity.

Can Your Relationship Be Salvaged After His Affair?

The problem with the statistics on cheating is that these are just numbers. They don’t tell the complicated story of each relationship and its struggles over time. The numbers don’t know if your partner cheated only once or many times, if he truly regrets cheating or feels no remorse at all, if you have children you want to protect from divorce and if both of you still love each other deeply. So…how can you know whether to trust your spouse again and give him another chance?

There ARE ways to know.

These are 3 Signs That You Can Survive an Affair and Regain Trust in Him Again:

Sign #1 – He cut off all contact with the other woman

If you really want to regain trust in your partner you need to know that his lover is completely out of the picture, even if it’s difficult because the lover is a coworker or a neighbor. If the lover attempts to make contact, your spouse should let you know and discuss what to do about it with you. From now on there must be a complete transparency in your relationship. If your spouse agrees to all of this – It’s a very good sign that you can trust him again and save your relationship.

Sign #2 – He Shows Deep Regret

If your partner takes responsibility and shows deep remorse, it’s a good sign that you can start the healing process of your relationship. In many cases the cheater “uses” infidelity as a way to escape and end the relationship. In these cases it probably means that he doesn’t want to save the relationship at all. He must show real pain and guilt about his actions and bad choices. If they don’t, you have to be careful, it might mean that he will do it again and you will end up on the “broken up” part of cheating statistics.

Sign #3 – He Gives You All the Details

If you were cheated on you probably have dozens of questions running around in your head constantly. You also have obsessive and disturbing images of him with the other woman – these alone can drive you crazy. In order to get rid of the negative thoughts and of the affair images you have to know all the details. Most of the time the affair images running in your mind are much worse than the real details of his affair. If your spouse answers your questions and shares the details with you – It’s a great step towards healing and a good sign that your relationship will survive cheating.

How to Survive an Affair in Your Relationship

After making sure your partner cuts contact with OW, shoes deep regret and share the details with you, it’s time to take the next step to surviving the affair. It will take a long time, unfortunately, and it won’t be easy, because getting the trust back, erasing the affair images from tour mind and learning to forgive are some of the hardest thing a woman can go through. I know because I had to go through these steps.

But the most important advice I can give you is to NOT attempt to do this on your own. You need professional help. If it’s not marriage counseling, at least read some good advice about the next steps you have to take to pull yourself and your relationship from this awful, back stabbing experience. You can find out exactly what to do right now – Right here. This website has golden advice and I personally recommend it because it has helped me in so many ways when I needed it. I hope it helps you as it did me and I wish you get back the marriage that you deserve.



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